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10 Dares Guaranteed to Spice Up the Party


A game that has been around for as long as anyone can remember and continues to thrive in a tech-savvy entertainment world is truth or dare.

No matter one’s age, sex or education, nearly everyone has played truth or dare. Whether you’re merely hanging out with a friend or trying to entertain a party, truth or dare is a game that can stimulate all the important senses for a great time.

The most significant part of this classic game is that it is always evolving—the older and more mature you get, the more risqué and revealing the truths and dares become. Here are ten dares that are guaranteed to spice up any party or a mere date night with your partner:


1) Give a strip tease to your partner.

Nothing can be more exhilarating than seeing your partner or a fellow partygoer slowly undressing as they stare into your eyes and leave you wishing for more—or less, regarding clothing.

2) Put a wrapped piece of candy in your mouth and unwrap it with your partner.

What’s sweeter than eating candy and kissing that special someone? Eating candy while kissing that special someone! Unwrapping candy can be hard enough sometimes, but doing so with only your mouth and your partner’s mouth seems like it may take forever. But that may be exactly what you’re hoping for in this situation.

3) Take off your partner’s underwear using only your teeth.

Undressing someone special—or attractive—to you is already stimulating and arousing, but having to do so with only your teeth calls for things getting even more up close and personal. You could even take things a bit further by adding a few bites along the way.

4) Wear a pair of your partner’s underwear.

Guaranteed to lighten up the mood and bring some humor into the game, wearing your partner’s underwear can create a sense of closeness and give insight into your partner’s daily comfort level. To make things even more humorous, try wearing your partner’s underwear on your head instead.

5) Give a back rub to your partner.

A little more intimate and harmless, giving a back rub is a classic and sweet sign of affection. If a standard back massage is too boring for your taste, try taking off your partner’s shirt first and adding lotion to the mix for a smoother and more sexualized touch.

6) Spray whipped cream all over your partner and eat it off of them.

Combining two of the basic human’s favorite things (food and sex,) eating whipped cream off of your partner can be very sensual. Either go crazy and spray it all over or pinpoint those specific areas you know your licking would be most appreciated and rewarding.

7) Take an ice cube and rub it up and down your partner’s body until it melts.

Hot and cold at the same time, activating various senses and arousal points all in one action—this dare brings out all the right emotions in all the right places. A word to the wise: the slower you rub the ice cube, the longer it takes to melt.

8) Twerk in only your underwear.

Revealing and possibly a bit embarrassing, this dare is guaranteed to get everyone’s blood pumping and put a smile on their faces. Whether you’re the one dancing or simply enjoying the show, make sure to add some music to make things that extra bit exciting.

9) Go blindfolded into the closet with your partner and then undress and redress each other.

A pair of blindfolds, two naked individuals, and a closet full of nervous laughter is exactly what this dare entails. Dressing oneself in the morning can be hard enough sometimes, but having to dress another person, and while blindfolded, sounds like a grand time guaranteed to bring two people closer together.

10) 7 minutes in heaven

Incorporating another classic game, dare a couple to spend 7 minutes together in the nearest closet. What happens behind the closed door is for them to decide and keep among themselves, but feel free to tell them talking is prohibited and that you’ll be listening intently for the sounds of kissing.

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